• The advantages of Digital UV LED Printing
  • Mankind Digital UV LED Printing Applications

Mankind Digital - Who We Are

Mankind Digital is a UV LED Inkjet Technology innovator. We specialize in the development and engineering of UV LED printers for both small-format and wide-format flatbed systems. As an OEM, Mankind Digital integrates the latest technologies, such as Micro Piezo inkjet printheads and variable drop size functionality to deliver the vibrant images and graphics. With UV LED printing, it is not possible to instantly cure onto a variety of substrates with excellent adhesion and durability.

What is UV-LED Printing?

UV LED printing offers instant curing of the printed image, with the ability to print onto a variety of printable materials. With instant cure, it is possible to achieve a layered texture, or raised printing effect, providing a dimensional print. UV LED Printing is environmentally friendly, with minimal emissions and low energy consumption.

What can I print onto with a UV LED Printer?

Mankind Digital’s UV LED Printers can print on a wide variety of substrates including: glass, metal, powder coated substrates, plastic, polystyrene, PVC, wood, ABS (PLA thermalplastics), a variety of vinyl and many additional RIGID and FLEXIBLE substrates. UV LED allows for instant curing with strong adhesion and weatherability for lasting prints. To see examples of a Mankind Digital UV LED Printer printing on different substrates, visit the Printing Applications section.  Beyond “traditional” CYMK+W printing on a wide variety of substrates, Mankind Digital UV LED Printers are innovating technologies with patent-pending printing for fabricating printed circuit boards and etched glass.


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