Mankind Digital is a UV LED Inkjet Technology innovator. We specialize in the development and engineering of UV LED printers for both small-format and wide-format flatbed systems. As an OEM, Mankind Digital integrates the latest technologies, such as Micro Piezo inkjet printheads and variable drop size functionality to deliver the vibrant images and graphics. With UV LED printing, it is now possible to instantly cure onto a variety of substrates with excellent adhesion and durability.

Mankind Digital Headquater

Mankind Digital is a subsidiary of Eastern Tech Company, headquartered in the United States with distributors in over 15 countries internationally. Eastern Tech Company is also the proud manufacturer of FIREBIRD Digital Inks, offering both RIGID and FLEX UV LED Inks for a portfolio of printhead platforms.

Integrating both the UV LED Inkjet hardware technology with the UV LED Ink research and production all under one facility, Eastern Tech Company has made leading developments in the UV LED industry. Discover more about Mankind Digital’s ion Series of UV LED Printers, including the small-format Neon UV LED Printer, as well as the wide-format Xenon UV LED Printer.