Diagnosing a Fatal Error

Diagnosing a Fatal Error

1. Open the Epson adjustment Program.


2. Choose Particular Adjustment Mode.

3. In the pop-up window choose “Auto Selection”

4. Choose “Read Printer Information” and click OK.

5. Click Read. You will be given a fatal error code. Use the attached chart (IN PROGRESS) to determine the cause of the fatal error. If you do not see your error listed, please contact Mankind digital.


Fatal Errors and their meaning


CR XXXX – Any error beginning with CR is caused by the carriage being unable to return to it’s home position.

Check the following:

Clean the encoder strip with alcohol

Check the capping station to make sure it is operating properly, and not preventing the carriage from returning to it’s home position

PF XXXX – Any error beginning with PF indicates an error in table movement. Make sure the encoder wheel is clean and free of any debris. Also check the angle of the Y-axis sensor. It may need to be repositioned to ensure the encoder is read properly.

PX Hot Detect & Head Temperature – These are indications of an electrical short in the system. Please contact Mankind Digital for further information.


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