Ink Channel Drop-Outs

When an entire channel is lost while printing, follow these steps.


  1. First, make sure your ink bottles have enough so the entire ink line is submerged in ink.
  2. Pull up the damper off of the print head while leaving it attached to the ink line.
  3. Insert a provided syringe with a “lure lock” tip into the bottom of the damper. Pull to create a vacuum.
  4. Listen for any sucking or bubbling sounds, and observe the syringe to make sure there are no air bubbles flowing into the syringe.
  5. If an air leak is present after following the steps above. Follow the steps below to remedy the leak
    1. Locate the leak by using the syringe and creating a vacuum. You should be able to hear a bubbling or sucking noise coming from the site of the leak.
    2. Possible Sources of the leaks and remedies:

i.      Damper

  1. If the damper has a leak or is damaged, replace the damper and repeat the above steps.

ii.      Ink line o-ring and brass nut

  1. Remove the damper, taking care not to spill ink. Inspect the small o-ring and ensure the brass nut threads properly onto the damper. If not, replace the o-ring and damper as needed.

iii.      Ink cap/ Adapter tube

  1. If there is a leak present at the adapter tube going into the ink bottle, snip off the adapter and place the ink line directly into the bottle. Use electrical tape to hold the ink line into place. Contact Eastern Tech for a replacement cap and adapter assembly.

iv.      Ink Line

  1. If the leak is traced to the ink line itself, remove and replace the line.
  2. If a leak is not present, and an entire channel or more is still missing from a nozzle check, the capping station may need to be replaced. Check the performance of a capping station by following these steps
    1. Wearing gloves, remove the hoses from the waste ink tank. Use a paper towel or rag to wipe up any spilled ink
    2. Use a provided syringe and insert it into the end of one of the ink lines.
    3. Pull to create a vacuum
    4. Repeat the process on both lines.
    5. If any air can be heard leaking through the seal between the print head and the capping station, the capping station needs to be replaced.
    6. If a leak is not present in the system, please see the below suggestions.
      1. Remove the print head and inspect cables going into the head.

i.      There should be no ink present

ii.      The contacts should be in good condition with no delaminating and none missing.

iii.      If the cables are damaged, contact Eastern Tech for replacements and instructions.

  1. If entire channels are still missing, replace the print head.


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