Banding or uneven lines in a print job is often caused by poor ink flow. Follow these instructions to diagnose the issue.

  1. Verify that you have enough ink in your bottles.
  2. Perform a head clean by holding down the ink button for five seconds.
  3. Print a nozzle check to confirm ink is flowing through the print head.
  4. Reprint the job.
  5. If banding still occurs during the print, replace the damper.
    1. Why do I have to replace the damper?

i.      The damper is a small bladder that holds a vacuum through the ink line into the print head. It also acts as a small filter, removing particulate from the ink and preventing it from entering the head and causing a clog. Ink starvation can occur when the filter in the damper is clogged, preventing the flow of ink.

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