Waste Ink Pad Counter

Your printer is equipped with a counter which records how much ink is used during cleaning cycles. It is not tied to the amount of waste ink that will be in your bottle. You should monitor your waste ink bottle, and empty in accordance with local and federal laws when it reaches 3/4 full.

Resetting this counter is a simple preemptive step that will save time in the future. It is recommended that this be reset once a week.

If the counter is not reset, the printer will operate as usual until the counter has reached it’s maximum. When this occurs, the Trash Can button and Ink Reset button will flash alternately, and no prints can be done until the counter is reset. See the instructions below.

1. (In WinXP SP3 Service Pack compatibility mode) Open the EPSON adjustment program.

2. Select Particular Adjustment Mode


3. Use “Auto Selection”

Auto Select

4. Select Waste Ink Pad Counter

Waste Ink Pad Counter

5. Select “Read” and once complete, select “Initialization”.

reset window

6. After the process is complete, restart the printer and close the Adjustment Program.

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